Manual Fluid Extractor (18 liters)






Application Universal suction pump for oils and similar liquids
Function To create the vacuum by hand pump and extract the fluid into the container.
Features – Integrated pump made of aluminum standpipe.
– Automatic stop by overflow valve.Stable plastic container with marks.
– Operating temperature up to 100°C.
– White-transparent container for fluid display.No tilt angle restriction by emptying.
– Portable and rollable with three wheels (one lockable).
– No power or compressed air connection required – also suitable for mobile use.
Item No. 110007
Matchcode OH-718
Capacity 18 liters
Weight 6,5 kg
Dimension 695 H x 348 W (mm)
Supplied with 1 x pump (18 liters)
3 x tubes (spare part No. 210002)