Manual Brake Bleeder (3 liters)










Application Manual pressure pump for oils and similar liquids
Function To create the pressure by hand and push the liquid out of the container.
Features – Integrated hand pump
– Pressure relief valve
– Pressure gauge for low pressure (leakage test)
– Stable plastic container with marks
– Operating temperature up to 100°C
– White-transparent container for fluid display
– Portable
– No power or compressed air connection required – also suitable for mobile use
Item No. 111008
Matchcode Ball
Capacity 3.0 liters
Weight 1.72 kg
Dimension 401 H x 194 W (mm)
Supplied with 1 x tube with coupling and rotary connector (210010)
1 x EU adapter (211002)
1 x UNI adapter (211001)
1 x Collection bottle with tube and brake nipple (212002)